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with the taliban. that comes in response to a drone attack that killed a leader of pakistan's taliban. the government's troubled health insurance web site goes back online this morning after parts of it were taken down for an overhaul. the administration says it will have the web site fully repaired by the end of this month. red sox nation was out in force yesterday as thousands lined the streets of boston to honor baseball's world series champions. the victory parade paused at the finish line of the boston marathon as a tribute to victims of the bombings last april. >> the old marathon today is being run with extra security precautions. now the weather. sunny but cooler temperatures in the east today. balmy over much of the nation's midsection, but rain is likely in the pacific northwest with snow in the mountain elevations. the week ahead, the sunshine will continue for the east with a slight chance of rain. rain is in the forecast to the northwest as well, the southwest remains stubbornly sunny. >> >> reporter: ahead mysteries of the tango. >> but first, vo: "wrong" "too extreme" "
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1